Reawakening the body's natural intelligence.

Atlas Balancing


“The Atlas is the Gateway

The Most Important Bone in the Entire Body

Protects Spinal Cord & Brain Stem Function

Responsible for Total Body Balance and Nerve Function”

Atlas Balancing is offered at our studio or In-room, where we come to you.  The balancing of the Atlas is extremely important to everyone for their overall vitality and long-term health. Being the Gateway for the brain and the entire nervous system to send and receive messages, makes it critical for it’s functionality to be unimpeded and in the most optimal position possible.

“Atlas Balancing™ is holistic… blending body, mind and spirit. We do not manipulate the body but support the organism in a gentle way to find its own balance in the physical as well as the energetic and mental-emotional bodies. Our work is energetic and applies touch for health, a form of spiritual healing. The effects are quite amazing and are long-term,” states Elizabeth Westermann (The originator of this system) more about Elizabeth click here.

Testimonials about Atlas Balancing

Present Situation

Each one of us , humans as well as most of the mammals, are born with the Atlas rotated at the position of 19 degrees or even more.This was first exposed by Rene C. Schumperli in the 1900’s. Dr.  B.J. Palmer discovered that this little Atlas bone ws extremely important for the body’s functionality which led himto establish an innovatie technique for balancing this frist cervical vertebra. In the last few years , a dynamic breakthrough has been developed by Elisabeth Westermann from Germany. She was guided to create a new paradigm that integrates body, mind and spirit called Atlas Balancing, a gentle, non-medical, healing technology which is quickly spreading worldwide.

atlas_god_ib7fThe Atlas bears the weight of the head

And is the Gateway for the nervous system and spinal column. One of the major, least recognized, reasons of most chronic pain is a misaligned. Atlas because it hinders the interactive communication between the brain and the rest of the body. If it is constantly compromised and unbalanced on one side, this ongoing pressure on nerves and the blood stream can lead to a whole series of dysfunction, which greatly weakens the body.

By being turned, the body will continually compensate, creating asymmetrical strain and tension on joints, muscles and nerves that then causes a twisting of the neck, lower spine and pelvis. That continued twisting is when the body begins to have a myriad of symptoms that can develop into major pain related conditions. And, if a person has an accident, a fall or even a difficult delivery while being born, this position can worsen.

atlas_god_ib7fHow does Atlas Balancing Work?

Through simple energetic work and gentle touch around the neck and spinal column areas using sound-mantras, Sound Codes TM and toning, the body actually receives this information it needs for the Atlas returning to its balanced, stabilized first vertebra position. A balanced Atlas is critical to the optimal function of your body’s framework and nervous system. There is no manipulation. Atlas Balancing does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense.

atlas_god_ib7fBenefits from session

On the body/mind/spirit levels the entire flow of nerve impulses from the brain that delivers vital functional information will redevelop by its own innate wisdom because your head is in its correct position. Many, many health conditions may begin to clear quite miraculously. Old traumas and restricting patterns in the emotional and mental bodies may be released as well. Some de-toxing can occur.

Energetically, the “kundalini channels” may open up and flow freely to create huge shifts in one’s conscious awareness and personal growth.

The guided methods and focus of this inspired work have been chosen very carefully and are used for the benefit of the whole person. Atlas Balancing is completely safe and allows the body to use its own healing capabilities once it has aligned itself.

What does a session entail?

Sessions are usually around 2 hours long and include a massage to prepare the body.  Sara Albee, a certified Atlas Balancer, will work with you to give you the full Atlas Balancing session 1 which gently and absolutely sets the Atlas back into it’s natural, original position permanently. The integrity of the new alignment can bring results right away, a week later, even several months or years. As healing is unpredictable, your new realignment will adjust as you integrate these new codes. You will then be ready after a short time to have the Upgrade of Level 2, if you so choose.

After the your session, you might experience a variety of changes within your body. These are due to the how the nervous system is responding to the structural realignment. Symptoms are a positive sign that healing is taking place.



Level 2 is a significant upgrade and integrates both the coccyx and xyphoid energetic sound codes’ alignment. Together they are very important in the overall structural framework and opening up channels for increased inner attunement and healing.

Client must do Atlas Balancing first before doing the coccyx and xyphoid session.


The region of the coccyx has an important influence on the structural system, and in most people, is out of balance like the Atlas. The coccyx is either tilted, turned, buckled or even broken through an accident or fall. Since the spine is one system, what happens on one end is reflected on the other as well.

When the coccyx is aligned using the soundcodes™, there can be a stabilizing and supporting influence on the structure of the body that can help to integrate, quite naturally, with the initial Atlas Balancing. There appears to be a direct effect on the digestive organs as well as the organs of the pelvis region. We all know that a point of great stress for many is the lower back region. This alignment may help to relieve those pains so the back can begin to relax more profoundly.

In the energetic bodies, one might experience an easier flow of the kundalini (spiritual) energies. Clients may feel more grounded, more at ease and connected with themselves because the integration process of our multi-dimensional bodies can be responding more easily. This realignment, addresses the concept “as above so below” and can lead to the deeper personal connection to source energy, the pure inspiration of healing one’s being.

The coccyx alignment may be performed more than one time and differs in that way from the Atlas Balancing. The reason for that is because it is possible, that through traumas and falls of different kinds, the coccyx can be thrown out of balance again. It does NOT have a socket like the Atlas does which fits firmly into place.

Center of the body (XYPHOID area)

We know that the center of the body, the xiphoid region, is also very important for the balance of the body and energetic system. Research continues in this area, however, several years of experience seem to show, that working with our specific soundcodes™ for the xiphoid area along with gentle touch, can create a highly energetic partnership with the coccyx for overall balancing and healthy functioning of emotional, mental and physical states of the subtle bodies.

As we know, emotional blockages can be stored in the xyphoid area both in physical as well as energetic imprints of past traumas. Deep releases are experienced and reported from people feeling more connected to their own innate, unlimited power.

Other Benefits:

  • The horizontal alignment of the body may become more balanced
  • Aches and pain in this region can dissolve
  • Emotional and mental programming blockages can dissolve
  • Communication pathways can begin anchoring from your innate true nature
  • Ancestral patterns can release
  • The lower ego structures can disintegrate
  • Happiness, a positive approach towards life, integrity, prosperity, success and connectedness can become one’s daily experience
  • Awakening into the consciousness of unity, oneness of all life-expression will be greatly supported
  • One’s special, individual abilities and gifts can begin to unfold effortlessly


Atlas Balancing Sessions:

Atlas Balancing (Level 1) and Massage:  $250
Sessions are about 2-2.5 hours, we start with a massage to address your specific needs and prepare the body for the atlas balancing. Sara Albee, the Gulf Coast’s only certified Atlas Balancer™ will then work with you to give you the full Atlas Balancing™ session which absolutely sets the Atlas back into it’s natural, original position permanently.  This is a beautiful energetic based modality. You can call to have a brief consultation to see if this is right for you.  Please call us at 504-615-9414 with questions and to set up this appointment.

Body Balancing Level 2 Sessions/$195:
After two or three months, you will be ready to have the upgrade of Body Balancing – Level 2 which we highly recommend, since it completes the full atunement for aligning the body vertically as well as horizontally.  This session takes about 90 min.