Health Transformation from the Inside Out

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Personally, Purium’s ten day transformation was amazing for my energy levels and helping me break a sugar addiction, with a welcome side effect of weight loss.  However I was really struck by the power of this ten day transformation after both my parents did it.   They’ve never done anything close to a cleanse and, honestly, I wasn’t sure if they would really complete it.  They both did it!  My mom lost 12 lbs and about a month later I was talking to her over the phone and she realized she didn’t eat any Easter candy that passed Easter weekend!  This is from a woman that has had a stash of m&m’s somewhere in the house always, since I was a child!   She’s been able to maintain this while still doing a green drink a day and some of the protein.  My dad, cheated a bunch but still lost 8 lbs and noticed a remarkable difference in energy.

So, what is it?  It’s called the 10 day Transformation cleanse. You lose 5-20 lbs in ten days (I have known about 20 – 25 people who have done it and they all have lost this or more)!   It is the fastest, simplest, and healthiest process to break addictions, detox, and lose 5-20 lbs I have found.  It is rich in nutrient dense super foods so your body is being fed real, live, organic, clean food that has 4 times the nutritional value at 1/3 the caloric content of what we normally consume.  It also includes a high quality vegan protein, found in the Physicians Desk Reference, that builds muscle (making it an anabolic process).

I recommend Purium’s products to anyone with an interest in improving their health.   See what it has done for others.

To learn more, contact me at 504.615.9414 or, or take the video tour on my Purium website ($50 gift card code: bestlife):